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Digital Photography School has what you need to take your photography to the next level. We offer daily tips, resources and free tutorials that will help you get the most out your camera and create stunning photos.

What our learners have to say about us

Nicole Johnson

san francisco
I'm very excited about this program and am looking forward to how to use my camera better and how to compose more artistic photos.

Christopher Lewis

The course is easy to follow and takes you step by step through the stages of what you would need to do to be able to overcome any obstacle.

Steve Black

new york
My photos improved 150% after this course. Recommended for anyone who wants to go from taking good photos, to taking AMAZING photos!

Shawna Elkins

west virginia
As a food blogger I wanted to make my photos look more professional. Digital Photography for Bloggers was the course that did it.
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Lesson series

Photography from Beginner to Advanced

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Photo Nuts and Bolts

Know your camera, take incredible photos
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31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer

31 practical lessons to get you out of auto mode

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Frequently asked questions

What type of camera do I need to have?

Courses are directed at Digital SLR camera owners, but the principles explained apply to every camera, from the humblest pinhole to the most sophisticated DSLR.

Can the E-Books Be Read on XXX (insert favourite E-Reader here)?

We’re yet to test all E-Books on every application and E-Reader but they are PDF documents that should be able to be read on many of them. We have optimized it for Adobe Reader (free) and therefore recommend that as the best application to use

What Other Payment Options Do You Have?

At this stage the only payment options we have are as you see them on the sales page. Our payment system is via PayPal who do process credit cards. i know that they don’t accept payments from every country or every type of credit card but at this stage the system we have is the only method and we’re unable to accept cheques, cash, direct debits etc.

Where is My Download Information?

During the payment process you’ll be taken to a page where you can download the E-Book. To get to this page you need to click the yellow ‘complete this transaction’ button on the last PayPal page. You also should receive an email shortly after purchase that is sent to your PayPal email address.

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