Learn how to share your photos with a wider audience by telling the stories behind your images.
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Let a National Geographic Storyteller show you how to:

Reach a wider audience with your photography.


Bring friends, family, and followers along on your life's journey ... even if you can't be together physically.


Stand out on social media with whimsical wordplay and inspirational imagery.

Organize your archives and finally do something with a lifetime of travel memories.
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Get more people to see your photos

As photographers, we yearn to share our passion and art with the world. Some of us dream of seeing our photos featured in publications, galleries, and the hallowed pages of National Geographic.

Maybe you simply long to share your life with friends, family, and followers who can't be with you physically.

Or, perhaps you want to sell prints and transform your hobby into a career.

Whatever dream ignites your creative spark, it only becomes a reality if people actually see your photos.

Tell the stories behind your favorite photos

Photos are magical. Powerful. Captivating. A single image can transport you to another world. Yet, they are just part of the picture. 

Stories stimulate your senses.
They dance in your imagination and conduct a symphony of the mind. 1,000 words. 10 words. Size matters not. 

Photographic Storytelling is a multimedia mashup of these two complimentary art forms. When you combine a compelling written narrative with powerful photography,the world stops and takes notice.
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From Taking Photos to Making Memories
6-Weeks of Video Content
Start today • Go at your own pace
  • Bring Friends, Family, and Followers Along on Your Life's Journey
  • Use Whimsical Wordplay to share the stories behind your favorite photos
  • Improve Your Photography with easy composition and editing techniques
  • Create Connection in a disconnected world
  • Design a Blog, Website, or Magazine to share your passion with a wider audience
  • Get More Exposure For Your Photography
  • Stand Out on Social Media
  • Sell Your Photos and get discovered
  • Organize Your Photo Archives and breathe new life into old adventures
  • Find Creative Inspiration in your daily life
  • Make the World a Better Place
Share your life's journey with
friends and family
even if you can't be together physically
Remember when we used to bop around the world freely? Traveling to far flung destinations with friends and family? Visiting loved ones on a regular basis? Ahh, the good 'ole days.

I’ve seen my mom once in the past two years. I miss her dearly. Fortunately, because I chronicle my life's adventure through Photographic Storytelling, Bonnie feels like she’s with us every day - even though she’s 3,000 miles away. What a gift!

Photographic Storytelling keeps us connected. It creates community, ends isolation, fills in the gaps that divide us, and ensures that no one misses any of those precious moments.

Hi. I'm Greg Goodman

For 10 years, my wife and I backpacked, volunteered, and lived around the world. It was a transformational time of personal growth and unforgettable adventures, as I constantly catapulted myself out of my comfort zone. 

At every step, I chronicled our experience on a travel blog - Adventures of a GoodMan. Photos. Videos. Stories. Smiles. Screams. An honest, in-depth look at the rollercoaster ride of travel and life.

My mantra was, "Follow your heart and success will follow you." As it turns out, the Universe was watching. My Photographic Storytelling appeared in galleries, publications, ads, billboards, trade shows, and a National Geographic TV show about my career.

Fast forward to today, Carrie and I have two kids and a home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Extended backpacking expeditions have been replaced by local jaunts and family outings. Yet, the travel sprit lives on. 
Can I share everything I know with you?
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Words From People I've Helped

Greg had me fall in love with capturing memories and the power of stories. His work and process ignited my creativity and love for photography again, as I realised my perfection was getting in the way of something that would bring me so much joy.

Yummii Nguyen
Being a Musician, I have worked with MANY Photographers. The experience with Greg was among the best I've had. We were able to come up with some amazing and unique shots. His ability to capture various types of emotion really sets him apart. 

Greg Goodman has had a huge influence on my work as a writer and entrepreneur. Greg's open, authentic, honest and beautifully crafted style of sharing through his writing has inspired me to do the same. He is so thoughtful and encouraging. I appreciate him as a business mentor and soul brother more than words can say.

Eve Sena
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What do I get out of this course?

You will learn how to bring friends, family, and loved ones along on your life's adventure - even if they can't be by your side. How? By sharing your photos and stories on social media, a website, or in a printed book.

How much time does the course take?

It depends on you! The lessons are roughly one hour per week. As for the creative exercises, they are designed to be a natural compliment to your life. 

Do I need a fancy camera?

No. Whatever camera you have is the perfect camera. It's amazing what can be done with smartphone photos these days.

Do I need to be tech-savvy?

Not at all. You get to choose how far down the rabbit hole you go when it comes to editing, organizing, and creating a website or book.

What if I haven't traveled in a while?

That's ok - most of us haven't. This course teaches you how to reimagine your past adventures ... while catching the travel bug in your own backyard.

What if I'm a private person?

Sharing your journey online is not a requirement. This course will empower you to do whatever you want with your Photographic Storytelling.
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Hi there, fellow travel lover.

Life feels dull lately, doesn't it?

You miss the thrill of
exploring someplace new.

The joy of photographing
little details and big attractions.

Even in the best of times, you wondered
how to share your adventures.

How to bring friends and family
on trips they would never take. 

Meanwhile, you have an untouched
treasure trove of photos and stories.

A unique view of our beautiful world
that needs to be shared.

A creative spark that can't be
extinguished simply by "being home."

I see you.
I get you.
I am you!

also ... this course is for you.
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Course Highlights

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Upgrade your photo skills with easy composition and editing tips.

Use whimsical wordplay to write captivating narratives.

Stand out in a busy, distracted social media crowd.

Finally do something with all your old photos and stories.

... plus ...

Inspirational Community
Share your passion and get feedback from fellow Photographic Storytellers in our Facebook Group.

Lifetime Access & Updates
Once you enroll, you'll get all future recordings, modules, downloads, and resources.

Feedback & Guidance
You are not alone. Let me use 20 years of experience to help you add pop and pizazz to everything you do.

Here's a quick example of Photographic Storytelling

As my knuckles turned white, I clutched a rusty metal pole with one hand, wrapped my camera strap around the other, leaned out an open train door, clicked the shutter, and pulled myself back in moments before the 60mph wind swept me away.


a journey awaits
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